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Friday Morning Dawg Bites: Who has the "easy schedule" now? Edition

If you don't care about SEC football, then you probably aren't aware that the 2013 SEC Schedule was released yesterday. You're probably also an undecided voter. Just sayin'...

Kevin C. Cox

There are a ton of interesting items to note, mainly discussed by The Mayor yesterday in this article. There's no doubt that whatever flack Georgia caught this season for a supposedly "soft" schedule (I still don't buy into that theory, for the record), shouldn't be an issue next year. Sure, the Dawgs get LSU at home, but they're playing them, and even if it weren't LSU, it was going to be Alabama.

It's just funny to me that South Carolina is basically the beneficiary of the same thing they whined so much about before the beginning of this season. The Gamecocks only play Arkansas and Mississippi State out of the West, and their toughest road game is at Georgia in the second week. With most of their defense returning, one would have to think they're the odds-on favorite to win the East, even with Florida seemingly getting better every week. The Gators have to face LSU in Baton Rouge, and have to go to Columbia late in the season to take on the Gamecocks. if South Carolina can beat Georgia, it's not an inside track to Atlanta, it's a downhill slope.

So where's all the vitriol now? I haven't seen any Georgia fans stand up and talk about how we haven't gotten any breaks and how the SEC is playing favorites. Surely that's what Steve Spurrier was eluding to at SEC Media Days this past year. I guess the squeaky wheel does indeed get the grease.

One interesting thing to note before we get to the links: Kyle brought up a good point that we may see the annual rivalry with Georgia Tech get the flip for which the Yellow Jackets have been yearning. It's no secret that one of the reasons UGA was dead set against it was because we wanted either Auburn or Georgia Tech to be the last major home game. Now that the Dawgs will be going to the Plains for two straight years, maybe we'll finally give Georgia Tech at least one thing they want, since we certainly don't give them wins.

Now, on to the links:

Paul Westerdawg of the Georgia Sports Blog has a great post up about Offensive Tackle recruiting since 2007. Since Chuck and I were just talking about this on the most recent episode of the podcast, the timing couldn't be better. The only answer I can find is that whatever number we think we need every year in recruiting, we should double that amount, and by "double" I mean "get more of the truly great Tackles and less of big guys that fill space."

This isn't Dawg related, but it's why college football is awesome.

I think The Lady Sportswriter is correct in saying that it doesn't matter if Lattimore plays this weekend. The Gamecocks can beat Florida if their defense shows up. Speaking of which, I'd love to know the amount of Dawg fans that tune in at 3:30 on Saturday, and if the Gamecocks win, then refuse to watch the game against Kentucky. That's not a knock on the fan base. That's proof of how much the game in Gainesville means.

The Grit Tree has three tips for you this weekend if you're traveling to Kentucky.

And finally, because I LOVE picking at Bleacher Report, here are their five keys to the UGA vs. UK game this weekend. It's in slideshow format. No one is surprised.

Until next time kids.

Be safe (and Go Dawgs!).