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The Dawg Gone Podcast is ready and swears there's a game this weekend...really.

No one's paying attention to it, but we actually have a game this weekend. Sure, we're all still shell-shocked from the events of two weeks ago, but at some point we (both as a team and a fan base) have to realize the sky never fell and in fact, after the events of this past weekend, the ceiling has been raised.

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So that's what Chuck and I focus on this week. We wax Dawg Poetic about the Kentucky game (not too much) but essentially "get it out of our system" in regards to shaking off the loss, identifying what went wrong, and whether or not there really is a coach out there to replace Mark Richt (should that ridiculous idea come into fruition).

The opinions are strong, the questions that came from you guys over Twitter were great, and we will probably say some things that make those in the fan base upset. However, it's a great conversation and one that I hope you guys truly enjoy.

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Until next time kids.

Be safe.