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General College Football Game Day Open Comment Thread

The Georgia Bulldogs have a bye week, but still there is college football being played in this great land of ours, so let's enjoy a little bit of it in the game day open comment thread.

Wesley Hitt - Getty Images

Are you ready for some bye week?

Listen, I get it; we're all worn out after a difficult week following last Saturday's loss to the South Carolina Gamecocks, but we have to start crawling out from under our rocks sooner or later, and this weekend is as good a time as any. Inasmuch as the Georgia Bulldogs have the week off, this will be a fairly stress-free Saturday, so let's enjoy a cocktail, think about basketball, and watch a little college football, secure in the knowledge that the 'Dawgs can't lose today, shall we?

There will be an evening thread for tonight's SEC games of note. Whatever you do, though, stay away from the ACC.

Go 'Dawgs!