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Friday Dawg Bites: Recovery Mode Edition

It's been a tough week on a number of fronts. But by my count, the sun came up six times out of its last six tries. I'm not sure I can say I've had a spiritual awakening with all the work we've done this week, but I'm doing pretty good on the serenity part. So let's look around the Interwebs and see what we can find of interest.

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Doubtless y'all are well aware that UGA QB Aaron Murray's dad recently was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and had surgery Monday. Much has been written about how such an event puts our misery over the South Carolina loss and our general preoccupation with football into perspective. We're reminded of what's important in life. Our hearts go out to a fine young man and his family during what was a frightening time. We keep Aaron, his dad, and all their loved ones in our thoughts and prayers. All of these words come pouring out so easily that they almost feel hackneyed. But they are no less true, and there is a reason these sentiments can seem overused and automatic: they express our true and shared feelings about the situation. Dennis Murray's surgery went well, by accounts, but he will need follow-up evaluations and, possibly, further treatment. Remember to keep things in perspective; remember what's important; remember to keep the Murray family in your thoughts and prayers.

In case you missed it, chuckdawg took over the Cocktail Thursday bartending duties last night and whipped up a special concoction in a mobile lab somewhere out in the New Mexico desert aimed straight at your heart like a bullet or a shot of adrenalin or both. Take it however you need it. You'll be glad.

Speaking of recovery, our thoughts also go out to DGD Jake Scott, who by report is recuperating from a mini-stroke at home in Hawai'i. If anyone has more info on this, please share in the comments.

As chuckdawg advised last night over cocktails, Michael Bennett tweeted that he's recovering from knee surgery and is thankful for pain pills.

And Jarvis Jones is recovering from an ankle injury that's held him out of practice. Another reason to be thankful for a Saturday off.

Mark Richt has lost control of recruiting. Demarre Kitt of Sandy Springs eased off his UGA commitment to look around some more. The non-decision of a high school kid is conclusive evidence that University of Georgia football will terminate at the end of the 2012 season. It's true because the AJC comments say so.

It's always an appropriate time to worry about scheduling. I have few hard-and-fast rules about the football schedule, but among them are three opponents that must be preserved above all else: Tech, Florida (in Jax), and Auburn.

Speaking of perspective, there's a good video at the official site about the team hosting children and young people with developmental disabilities. Ripples from positive vibes should not be underestimated.

Late last week, my dad brought up the 1959 season that represented a resurgence of UGA football, including the program's first SEC championship in over ten years and a victorious trip to Miami for the Orange Bowl. The sole loss suffered by the Dawgs that season was a decisive one to South Carolina. Earlier this week, Loran Smith brought up 1959, too. History rocks.

Which brings me to this last bite. As y'all may know, Beano Cook passed away late Wednesday night at age 81. Beano had been around college football longer than almost all of have been alive. I first became familiar with Beano only a few years ago when I started listening to ESPNU's College Football Podcast. Beano made weekly appearances with host Ivan Maisel, and they would talk about current CFB events and, invariably, history. The conclusion of each weekly Beano episode would consist of Maisel running through the College Football Hall of Fame birthdays for the week and Beano saying something meaningful, often from having witnessed it firsthand, about that player's or coach's career. Yes, Beano was in love with Notre Dame and had some other notions we might consider outdated, but I gave him a pass on that based on age. In things historical and historic, Beano's depth of knowledge and breadth of passion brought to mind the knowledge and passion of my own father and our own Dan Magill. There is no higher praise. I encourage you to take a look at Maisel's piece about Beano. It is a fitting tribute to the man's love of college football and his humor.

Be sure to check out Mr. Sanchez's 2012-13 basketball preview and share any items of interest you've found in the comments.