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Don't Bet On It!: National Game of Disinterest (Week 7)

Life is too short for bad football. Each week Dawg Sports lets you know which game is bad enough to skip. We're basically saving your life.

Mike Ehrmann - Getty Images

It's Thursday. We've almost made it. We've almost proven that there is life after loss. We've picked all of the SEC contests against the spread. We've picked all of the national games of interest against the spread. Kyle and Kit have helped us talk through the pain. NCT has given us a little good news from other rooms in Butts-Mehre. RedCrake has told us what football we could watch this weekend. Now it's time for me to tell you what football you shouldn't watch: the National Game of Disinterest. This week that game is... ALL. THE. ACC-TION.

There are four ACC games on TV this week. They all suck. I mean, they all suck more than ACC football usually sucks. North Carolina is playing Miami (FL) in a regular season version of the Ineligi-Bowl. Maryland (3-2) is playing Virginia (2-4) in the Battle of Who Could Care Less. Florida State (5-1) is playing Boston College (1-4) a week after losing to NC State. Duke (5-1) is playing Virginia Tech (3-3) to maintain its perch atop the conference. Go back and re-read that least sentence. Duke has the best record in the ACC. (At 3-0 in conference play, Miami technically has the best intraconference record, but they're just 4-2 overall.) If you start feeling yourself slipping back into depression about last week's loss, just remember that no matter how bad things get, at least we aren't playing in a conference in which Duke could actually represent its division in a conference championship game without the aid of the Evil Genius's black magic. I feel better already.

Go Dawgs!