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It's Great to Be a Georgia Bulldog; Let's Make Sure We Enjoy It!

We are just about half way through, but let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves yet.

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There are a couple of things I personally find annoying in college football, and they are two things we all do. Two things I do. The first is the preseason/early season rankings. They are silly, meaningless and mostly wrong. But they sell magazines, develop the stories, and people hunger in August for them, so we all buy the magazines. The second, and the impetus of this post, is when we all look so far ahead. I’m talking about looking at future games, championships and bowls. During the live thread there was a fear of how we would look against SC, and we weren’t even done with UT yet! A friend of mine, not as familiar with football, asked me how many games UGA played this year, and I broke it down by regular season, a possible SECCG and a bowl game. I personally combined this conversation, with my take on the podcast that this is a "special team" and the live thread to take a moment to say "Hey, enjoy this."

If anyone could spot on predict where we will be in January, they likely wouldn’t be reading this or have the need for much of anything. It’s exciting, and I want us to be excited to think about the future. However, between now and January I hope to see UGA beat all of our rivals, and our one non rival. I hope to have a good holiday season. Right now I’m enjoying the change in the second hottest summer ever and the Harvest Moon. Mostly, I would recommend enjoying each game, every play, every down and soak in a very special team in a very special year. Special is not equal to rings. Special means a very high performing team, with a lot of seniors, giving us a lot to be excited about. I don’t feel confident about any prediction other than you will look back at a team that has scored over 40 points a game in 5 games and say "Wow!" and wish you could go back and watch it all again.

My brother in law had a blog where he broke down every possible playoff format using the potential teams from each year. He thoroughly dissected every possible playoff scenario. He could break every playoff essentially with a dark horse. The playoff did not in fact determine the best team based on regular season. His ultimate conclusion was, as I roughly remember it, "In the end, it doesn't matter, enjoy the athletic splendor." Meaning, National Championships are nice, but what’s the most nice thing is enjoying a good game. If any school has had a solid decade of good play without a National Championship, or even a NC berth, it’s the Bulldogs and we can make one of the strongest arguments that we are due. The thing is, it doesn't work that way. Lady Luck has her vote, and some years, as UGA demonstrated against Pitt 30 years ago, you can have one of the best teams ever ever, only to face one of the best teams ever ever. You need a special team as well as a special year. Right now we have a special team. And with a great chance of beating 3 more rivals and one more non rival, it’s already looking to be a special year. Enjoy it while you can. Soak it in. Hoot and holler at a Jarvis Jones sack or Todd Gurley busting loose or Aaron Murray throwing lasers. Enjoy the passion of Coach Richt. Jump up and down at or in a packed Sanford Stadium filled with all those Dawg People. Whatever you do, make sure you enjoy this time and can look back with good memories. In the blink of an eye, we'll all be saying "When's football start!?" In the meantime...