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Monday Morning Dawg Bites - Jordan Jenkins/Rematch! Edition

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SUPERDOME: Two men man leaves.
SUPERDOME: Two men man leaves.

Well folks, we've finally made to the day everyone's been waiting for...the day where the BCS decides if an undefeated LSU team who beat Alabama in their own house during the regular season is truly the best team in the country, or will they suffer the same fate as that of the New England Patriots in 2007? For my money, I still think LSU takes the title, but I wouldn't say I'd be extremely surprised if it somehow ended up the other way's hard to beat the same team twice and all that.

In any event, let's jump on down to the links, shall we?

This year marks the first time we've had a rematch in the BCS era, but (contrary to what BCS haters may tell you), rematches certainly aren't unique to this particular format. In fact...

In 1997, Florida and Florida State faced off in the Sugar Bowl in a rematch of their annual regular season tilt. The Seminoles took the first game in close fashion, but the rematch went the Gators' way. End-result? Gators won the National Title, and (with an equal record AND a win over the Gators), Florida State was sent packing.

On that same note, Bobby Bowden seems to think the Crimson Tide have the psychological advantage going into the title game. I don't know if I necessarily agree with that, but we'll see.

In the NFL, a league with a 12 team playoff, rematches occur fairly often, with no one generally making too much of a fuss about them one way or the other (THEY SETTLED IT ON THE FIELD, PAAAWWWLLLL). In fact, this weekend, three of the four NFL games played will be a regular season rematch. The Denver Tebows will once again face off against the Patriots (a team to whom they lost just a few short weeks ago), the Houston Texans will square off against the Ravens in an attempt to avenge their Week 6 loss, and the New York Giants will take on the Green Bay Packers for the second time after losing to them in the regular season as well.

On the note of Tim Tebow, the SBNation Mothership touches on an interesting storyline to this week's game for him. What's that phrase about not biting the hand that feeds you? Yeah, not sure how that really applies to Tebow here.

The Good Senator posts his own little twist on the rematch idea.

Finally, in a rather important piece of recruiting news, Jordan Jenkins, blue chip linebacker recruit from Harris County, is set to announce his decision between Alabama, Auburn, Florida, and Georgia this evening. The smart money isn't on him picking Georgia (especially considering that he wants to study engineering), but if he were to choose the Dawgs, it would be a big time win for Todd Grantham. The mothership has a nice story on it here.

Other important historical rematches of note: England vs. Germany rematch part one, England vs. Germany rematch part two, Michael vs. Fredo in a classic childhood rivalry rematch, O.J. Simpson's epic rematch loss, and finally, Kevin vs. The Wet/Sticky Bandits in a monumental rematch that should've ended in death fifteen times over.

That's all we've got for today, folks, have a Happy Monday, be prepared to be disappointed tonight (either from Jordan Jenkins or the rematch not turning out with both teams losing) and, as always...

Go Dawgs!