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The Other Team in Red in Black Sunday Caption Contest & Open Thread

Here is a WIDE open thread to talk about anything that crosses your mind. You can start with the Atlanta Falcons, a team in red and black with trouble in the big games and an anemic Offense on the road. Maybe you have a good Sunday recipe; I am cooking some lasagna myself. Or did you order some pizza, or break out the grill? Inspired by your Sunday services? Here you go, rant/vent/discuss/talk away. After the Falcons you have the Pittsburgh Steelers with Hines Ward out running explosions to watch and discuss or maybe you just feel like taking shots at Tim Tebow as a linbacker turned QB for the Denver Broncos and enjoy some sweet Tebow post season tears.

This afternoon at 2:00pm EST the 15th ranked Georgia Bulldogs face the Auburn Tigers in basketball in East Alabama and look to get some payback in the SEC. This game can be viewed live on ESPN 3.

Still not enough for you? Guess what, we still have College Football tonight in the Bowl featuring Arkansas State vs Northern Illinois. I don't even know what GoDaddy is except that they have very "enticing" commercials to go to their website.

Feel like doing some reading and not watching or posting? Don't forget Cherokee's Grip Ode to First Downs.

Not entertained enough by this NFL Wildcard and Toilet Bowl Action - I've added a picture for you to go at it in a caption contest. The winner will receive an autographed play book by Coach Bobo. Bring your creative juices to bear with Aaron White's epic TD score.

- TT