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Need more linemen.

Insert picture of cows jumping into Sanford now. We got a million "play makers". I am tired of not having enough guards. Now, I get it. I liked to run and catch the ball. When I was 15. But at 40, I really wouldn't mind lining up and hitting that SOB in front of me. Think, Rocky XXXXXXXXIV. I think I screwed up my Roman. I listened to the podcast, checked myself, looked at the issues, and BOOM, we have needed, always needed, still need more, linemen. You think the post TD was sweet? I feel ya. When you see a pulling guard destroy a DB, then I'm listening.

Tell me how ya feel DawgNation! We need some Guards and Tackles!

Non paid disclaimer 1 (although, hell yea, send us the check): Chick Fil A opens here in a month. I can't wait for a wheat milkshake.

Disclaimer 2: If you are a UGA Alum, Admin, Prof, lover, hater, fan, you should be ashamed WSU is a better basketball school than us. I live here. It's embarrassing the Shockers could floor UGA. You wouldnt even know there was a college here. I aint joshing. For real.