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Monday Morning Dawg Bites - Happy Birthday Doutzen Kroes Edition

Good morning, folks. It's once again the Monday morning of a standard five-day work week, and I think the weather cooperated very nicely with the standard Monday morning mantra of suck. I was going to start the week off by offering a fare-thee-well to Etta James, whose death was somewhat overshadowed this weekend with the passing of Joe Paterno, but instead, I'm going to celebrate life...particularly, the life of Doutzen Kroes, Dutch supermodel who turns 27 today. So, without further ado, Happy Birthday, Doutzen! You're pretty. More links after the jump...

Shockingly, the Red & Black is actually defending the football team in an article about Sanders Commings. Whatever gets page views, I guess. (h/t Blutarsky)

Seth Emerson has some quotes from Mark Richt and Vince Dooley on Joe Paterno. Regardless of your thoughts on the Sandusky stuff, college football definitely lost a pillar of the sport in JoePa.

In case you missed it (or don't follow NFL football), it's a Giants/Patriots rematch for the Super Bowl. Yes, the rematch meme is already played out, and it's only day one. Get ready for two weeks of hype, folks.

The Good Senator has a post dissecting some of Bill Connelly's stats about receivers in the SEC. Well done, Malcolm Mitchell and Orson Charles!

Finally, we have your random news story piece of the day, coming from the ever-metropolitan Sylvania Telephone. The story's actually about a month old, but the humor remains.

Keep in mind, National Signing Day is Wednesday, and Dawg Sports will be covering the event throughout the week, so continue to check back for stories and updates, and, as always...

Go Dawgs!