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Georgia Women's Swimming and Diving Team Sets New School Record with 77th Straight Home Victory

History was made in Athens on Friday afternoon, when the No. 1 Georgia women’s swimming and diving team broke the school record for consecutive home victories by winning the Lady Bulldogs’ 77th straight meet in the Classic City. The previous all-sports mark for straight successes within the confines of Clarke County was shared by the Red and Black lady swimmers and divers with the Georgia men’s tennis team, which won 76 in a row in Athens between 1968 and 1972. The pool ladies’ current skein at Gabrielsen Natatorium began in November 1995, when the squad’s present freshmen were three-year-olds.

The Lady Bulldogs improved to 6-1 with their 19th win in their last 20 dual meets by sweeping the individual backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, and freestyle events. With the addition of tandem triumphs in the 200 medley relay and 400 freestyle relay, the Georgia women carded their historic 177-112 victory over South Carolina, running their league ledger to 3-0 in the process.

The Lady Bulldogs’ male counterparts notched a win over the Gamecocks, as well, turning in an even more dominant performance in a 180-112 victory to leave the ninth-ranked Athenian men even in SEC play and 4-2-1 overall. As impressive as that result was, though, the achievement of the masculine Classic City Canines paled in comparison to what was accomplished by their female teammates when the Lady Bulldogs established a new institutional high water mark for wins by athletic representatives of the nation’s oldest state-chartered university when playing in the greatest place on earth. Congratulations are in order for the Georgia women’s swimming and diving team!

Go ‘Dawgs!

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