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New Year's Day (+1) College Football Bowl Open Comment Thread

Happy New Year! The Outback Bowl dedicated open comment thread is set to open at 12:30 p.m. Eastern, but, in the meantime, this will serve as your general discussion thread for the day's college football action not involving the Georgia Bulldogs. The day features the opportunity to observe SEC East rivals in action, and to see how the Big Ten fares on the big stage.

You are welcome to share your thoughts on all of it in this thread, which will cover the TicketCity, Capital One, Gator, Rose, and Fiesta Bowls, or, at any rate, as many of them as may be covered in the space of a single thread. As with the aforementioned forthcoming Outback Bowl thread, we will open up new threads as the need arises.

Have at it, Bulldog Nation!

Go 'Dawgs!