Looking Ahead: Coastal Carolina


Tryin' to get our two boys ready to carry 'em to the golf tournament 'fore practice, right? Twelve cats live 'cross the road. Our door's open. Screen's broke—we need to get a new screen door—but the screen's broke, so you can come in through the screen but you can't get back out of it. I turn'n look; there's a little kitty cat in our—in our kitchen. So I said, "What're you doin' in here, little kitty cat?" By that time, [indecipherable cat noise], the cat turns, tries to get back out, but the screen won't go that way. Cat starts goin' "MEEOOOOW!" All crazy! And I told our players: we need to have more dogs. Beau's barkin' in the back, I have to go shut Beau up, Mel's like, "What's goin' on?" I say, "There's a cat in the house." "Cat in the house?!?" I said, "Yeah, there's a cat in the house!" So I told our players, I tried to let it out the front door—"MEEEOOOW!"—the cat's still goin' crazy in there. And I told our players: you need to be more like a dog! We don't need a bunch of cats in here—"meeeooow!"—lookin' in the mirror. "I look gooooood, I got my extra bands on, I got my other shoes"—Be a dog! We don't need no meows, we don't need no cats. We need more dogs. - Coastal Carolina HC David Bennett