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Programming Note: Dawg Sports on the Radio Friday and Saturday

It seems that this upcoming Game of Great Divide(nds)...see what I did there?...has garnered some national attention as well as around the Southeast, so I'll be on the radio twice in as many days.

At 2:15pm on Friday, I'll be on KURE-FM, which is the Iowa State University student-run station. I'll be on with Sam Turner with The Fifth Down, which starts at 2:00pm Eastern. You can click here to listen live. We'll do a good 15 minutes, so it should be a good time and a good conversation.

At 12:00pm on Saturday, I'll be on WCWP-FM with Jordan Lauterbach and Bryan Gallucci. I've never been on the radio that far north before, so I'm going to lay thick on the accent and see what happens (tune in to see if I'm kidding or not). The link provided above will take you to their site where you can listen in. We're actually speaking on Friday (due to the potential state my liver will be in by 12:00 on Gameday...I'm kidding...sort of) and the interview will play on Saturday. It should be about 10-15 minutes long.

On both shows, we should be talking about the UGA/USC game this weekend, Mark Richt's hot seat, what happened against Boise State and probably potential replacements should UGA and Richt part ways at season's end. We may touch on some other things, but those will be the main focus on both shows I'd imagine.

Should be fun, so tune in if you have the chance.


Until next time kids.

Be safe.