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Herschel Walker ESPNU Documentary Open Comment Thread

It has been a rough week here in Bulldog Nation, and that is putting it mildly. After being bucked by the Broncos, the Bulldogs hope to get back onto the horse in time to salvage their season with a win in their SEC opener against South Carolina on Saturday. As I mentioned on last evening’s edition of Team Speed Kills Now, I am dour about this weekend’s prospects, but, even though the reality of our situation is sobering (or, perhaps, the opposite of sobering), I agree with NCT that, after the surreal experience of seeing the silver-helmeted, red-clad Bulldogs take the field in the Georgia Dome, a little reality could do us all some good.

Well, in Bulldog Nation, there is nothing more real than Herschel Junior Walker.

At 8:00 p.m. Eastern tonight, ESPNU will air an "SEC Storied" documentary about the Goal Line Stalker. If that won’t revive our flagging spirits, nothing will.

This is your Herschel Walker documentary open comment thread. Have at it, my friends.

Go ‘Dawgs.