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It's early on Labor Day. And I am just going to say what so many of us are feeling: This sucks.

When this game was announced, I called it a lose lose.  I got talked out of that.  However, I was right, it's a lose lose.   BSU isn't going to a national championship (nothing personal BSU, it just is how it is), UGA just became another trivial pursuit stat, and I am left with a huge pit in my heart about two of our coaches.   Sure, I can write a big post, and I probably will, but I need to let you in on something, I talked to davethedawg and we both (I won't violate his privacy) but we both, well, we were not in a good way.   You can't win them all.   You can't win a NC every year or even think you should  (even if you are Alabama), but when your uniforms are more important than your play making and play calling, you got a problem.  And the off season hype, I was done with it before.  I am now done with it forever.  My heart will no longer be part of the spring game or summer camp.   Sorry.  More on that in a future post.

I appreciate those of you that have urged me on to write the super post, and I will give you a secret: I wrote about 2500 words.    Then I realized, we have a really big game this Sat, and the past is in the past.   But I tell you this:   If i see a 1st and ten bomb this Sat, you will see the 2500 word post.   You may also need to come to my house and give me 24 hour watch.