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Happy Birthday, Larry Munson: The Munson Mixes


Today, September 28th, is the 89th birthday of one Lawrence Harry "Larry" Munson. The Legendary Voice of the Bulldogs recently fell ill with a respiratory infection and so, we here at Dawg Sports would like to take today to wish him a happy birthday and a speedy recovery. 

This is the second of three posts and will focus solely on the Munson Mixes that have become so famous throughout the years. Please feel free to click on the jukebox below to listen to them.  

The final post in today's festivities will be posted at 1:00 PM and will be a Happy Birthday comment thread so be sure to check back later and leave your birthday wishes for Munson. Also, please search for the hashtag #MunsonsBday to follow the updates on Twitter.

Thanks Larry for giving us so much great material to work with. There are a lot of tailgates that use these every Saturday.