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This Week's Dawg Sports Literary Competition Wishes Larry Munson a Happy Birthday

It seems pretty clear to me what’s happening: The Georgia Bulldogs were 0-2 when there were no literary offerings here at Dawg Sports, but they’ve gone 2-0 since the fanposts took a poetic turn. At this point, it’s science, so we’re going to repeat the Dawg Sports literary competition in the hope of assuring another Red and Black victory this weekend.

Once again, you are invited to share your original literary offerings in the fanposts, between now and 4:00 p.m. Eastern this Friday afternoon. Multiple submissions by the same author are allowed, and the form your contribution takes is up to you, within the fairly broad bounds of propriety established by the site guidelines and the specific request contained in the ensuing paragraph. The best of the bunch will be promoted to the front page on Friday afternoon, and the selection of the winner will be influenced heavily by the comments and "Rec"s each posting receives.

As Kit announced on this week’s podcast, we are setting aside Wednesday, September 28, to honor Larry Munson on his 89th birthday, so, in deference to "the voice of the Bulldogs," we would ask that this week’s literary efforts in some way incorporate the legendary Georgia radio announcer. You are free to make your submission a direct tribute to Larry, to offer an homage to one or more of his famous play calls, or merely to include allusions to the beloved Munson, but his presence or influence should be evident in your piece.

Oh, man, is there going to be some iambic pentameter composed tonight! Look at the poetry falling from the sky! Look at the poetry falling from the sky!

Go ‘Dawgs!