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The Monday To Do List.

As we all embark on another week of high-functioning productivity, it's always nice to take one more look back at the weekend that was in college football. Here at Dawg Sports we usually find that the weekend produced a few loose ends that need tying up, enough in fact that we require a list to keep track of them all. Hence this, your Monday To Do List:

1) Offer assistance to the officiating crew of the Syracuse/Toledo game in finding asylum. I would make some snide remark about knowing some Toledoians* with questionable problem-solving skills and a taste for vengeance, but why be redundant?

2) Officially welcome Texas A&M to the SEC.

3) Begin making fun of Texas A&M and their weird traditions. Because now that they're in the family we can do that.

4) Watch the disturbing spectacle of the University of Georgia's special teams practice. Wait 3 seconds for the weird garbled phone call and then 7 days for Blair Walsh to come crawling out of my television screen and scare me to death. Say what you will about other aspects of the red and black's road win in Oxford on Saturday, the special teams play was the lone inarguably horrifying aspect of the effort. Which is becoming an unsettling pattern this season.

5) Give Barkevious Mingo and the rest of the LSU defense whatever the hell it is that they want, then run.

6) Play "Candle In The Wind" one time for former New Mexico coach Mike Locksley.** Locksley was the South Park Kenny of college football coaches, seemingly committing a fireable offense every week before popping up on the sideline again the next Saturday to lose to another disgustingly bad football team. But when an allegedly drunk underage alleged recruit gets pulled over in a head coach's car, even a suave son of a gun like Locksley is going to get canned. And no, a cumulative 2-26 career record doesn't help matters.

7) Smile at the thought of Michael Bennett and Malcolm Mitchell manning the Bulldog receiver slots for the next 3 years or so. We've really got something there. Bennett may be the first guy we've had since Mo Massaquoi who can be reliably counted on to make tough catches over the middle. Mitchell has the kind of separation speed that makes him a threat from anywhere on the field. As Aaron Murray's confidence in them grows, I think we'll reap some pretty substantial dividends.

That should keep you busy for a while. As always, feel free to place your action items in the comments. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!


*May or may not be the correct term for residents of Toledo. Like that officiating crew, I think we can all agree it's not important enough to spend too much time on.

** Why? Because he once confided in me that it's his second favorite song in the whole world, after Eurotrash Girl by Cracker.