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Announcing the Dawg Sports Literary Competition to Bring the Georgia Bulldogs Good Luck Through Poetry

It goes without saying that I am a superstitious sports fan. Tiny variables can have an enormous impact, and there is no telling which of several factors will be the one that tips the scales between victory and defeat, so it is imperative that we repeat what works when we stumble upon a formula for success. That is true of Mike Bobo’s offensive play-calling, and it is true for fan superstitions.

That is why A Boledogge’s Tale by Cherokee’s Grip made me so nervous. Don’t get me wrong; it was wonderfully well written, and I enjoyed it immensely. It’s just that . . . well, we did just this sort of thing last year, and it ended badly.

In this instance, though, it ended well, and I, for one, would prefer to see the good times continue to roll. Accordingly, I’m calling for a repeat performance this week. You are welcome and encouraged to offer a literary ode, within the fairly broad confines of the site guidelines but otherwise in the form of your own choosing, in the fanposts, between now and 4:00 p.m. Eastern this Friday afternoon. The best of the bunch will be promoted to the front page, and the determination which is the top contribution will be influenced heavily by the comments and "Rec"s each posting receives.

Have at it, Bulldog Nation. Who knows . . . maybe we’ll even succeed in impressing Margaret Soltan.

Go ‘Dawgs!