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Toast When We Coast & Drink When We Stink: Week 1

For those of us who choose to imbibe, spirits can be a great companion for celebrating a victory and a helpful tool for surviving a loss. Here I present you with an option for each as the Georgia Bulldogs prepare to take on the Boise State Broncos.

When Georgia Wins

There is no better way to celebrate a victory over the Mighty Broncos of Idaho than by turning to the Mighty Potato of Idaho. Therefore, I present to you...

Zodiac Vodka

Stay Gold, Ponyboy!

Treat yourself to this well-reviewed authentic potato vodka. Made with 100% Idaho potatoes and cut with pure spring water from the Colorado River, a nice shot of Zodiac says "We beat your tail, but we appreciate your culture." There aren't many potato vodkas out there (and even fewer American potato vodkas), so this is a great opportunity to celebrate.

Where You Can Get Your Hands On It: Decatur Wine & Spirits (Confirmed) -- Though you may be able to find it elsewhere as well.

When Georgia Loses

Congratulations Georgia fans! Your team just lost to Boise State.

You can tell yourself that they're a good team (They are.). You can tell yourself we had a lot of question marks going into the game (We do.). But that doesn't change the fact that you're gonna hear about it from other SEC fans for the rest of your natural born life. You know what will make it all better? Going on a bender and setting yourself up for a hangover so epic that you won't be able to hear come Sunday. You won't be able to see, smell, or taste much either, but that's another story.

Therefore, I present to you...

Mr. Boston

It will take approximately this much Mr. Boston to forget the Kickoff Classic.

When you lose a game of this magnitude, it helps to wreak of failure. Nothing does that like Mr. Boston. Its the perfect drink for the more masochistic Dawg fan who feels he or she must be punished for the shortcomings of the football program. Sure you might regret trekking all the way down to the Dome for the game, but not nearly as much as you'll regret what you do once you get a few of these in you.

Where You Can Get Your Hands On It: The bottom shelf of any liquor store, most Athens house parties, underneath the guy that passed out in the alley behind whatever bar you're at.

So drink away Dawg fans. Hopefully 48 hours from now we'll all be sharing a celebratory beverage and wishing the Broncos best of luck on their trip back home instead of passing out in the street.

Please feel free to share any additional favorites/suggestions for celebrating and/or wallowing in your own misery in the comments.