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Thursday Night College Football Open Comment Thread

It's Thursday night. It's SEC football. No, I don't know why the heck they're playing SEC football on a Thursday night, either. For crying out loud, what are we, the ACC all of sudden? Look, it's one thing if we want to go poach their teams, but let's not borrow their scheduling practices while we're at it.

College football is meant to be played on Saturdays. (College football also is meant to be played on natural grass, but that's a separate conversation.) Oh, sure, I like it when two teams about whom I don't care from a conference to whose divisional alignment I remain deliberately oblivious mix it up on a weeknight so I can have football on the background, but no self-respecting SEC team ought to be playing football on a Thursday unless it's (a) Thanksgiving or (b) the 1910s.

Is it Thanksgiving? Is it the 1910s? No? Well, then this game shouldn't be played tonight, but, since it is, we may as well watch it and comment on (and, equally as likely, around) it, so jump in on the conversation in the comments below.

Go 'Dawgs!