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T Shirts, Get Your T Shirts!

I promised they would be ready soon and here they are, your 2011 Goat Roast T Shirts!

Details after the jump..

When votes were tallied, you selected the "Bigger Goat" front with the "Everyone's a Rival" back so here is your t-shirt:




Instead of one mass order and picking up shirts at the roast and coordination etc etc etc, we have a new way to purchase shirts.  This year we have partnered with the fine folks over at Gameday Depot to manufacture shirts for us.  They were kind enough to let us use their design tools and still clean things up and make them pretty. 

In the future, we'll have other Dawg Sports T Shirts available for purchase through Gameday Depot.

Without further ado, here is the link to purchase your 2nd Annual Dawg Sports Sacrificial Goat Roast T Shirt