Alright, time to shape up.

Disclaimer: This is my first Fanpost ever so if it is terrible please be kind. I just felt like something needed to be said. Please do not find offense to any of the jokes I make in the following; they are just that, and I apologize in advance to anyone offended by said jokes.

Over the past few days, I have been noticing what seems to be a more hostile environment here on Dawg Sports. Now, this may just be me being overly sensitive right now to what appears to be a smiting beyond all previous smites that have been cast down upon our beloved team from the dreaded football gods; nonetheless, I feel it is still worth mentioning that a hostile environment has no place amongst what I consider to be one of the greatest groups of people of all time: UGA fans. While I cannot cite specific examples, (not because I cannot think of any, I just do not know how to link things left and right like King does) for the past two years that I have been reading this blog and commenting on it I have noticed a definite down swing of positive energy and support. This is a confusing time for all of us. Some are questioning their loyalties, some are considering sacrifices, and some may even go so far to wish they cheered for a team clad in orange and blue (You know who you are. You disgust me). Criticism is healthy and a necessary part to a well run democracy, but it should be constructive criticism and nothing else. Negativity breeds negativity and anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.The point is, we all must stick together and support each other during these dark times. What happened during the Dark Ages after Rome fell? Tribes began banding together in their respective countries and formed functioning(ish) governments. And the Renaissance was born.

This is our Dark Ages. If we stick together and show our continuing support not just for our team, but for ourselves and treat one another with respect, maybe, juuuuuust maybe, the Gods will grace us with a UGA Renaissance. Glorious Red and Black streamers throughout campus, goofy but somehow trendy and cool clothing, and portraits of beautiful naked women. Wait we already have the last part (see: Playboy Girls of the SEC).

So how 'bout it Dawgs? Are we going to continue inter-squabbling until we sound like those fools over on North Avenue? Or are we going to stick together, politely disagree should the need arise, and continue our undying love for one of the greatest and storied programs in college sports!? Remember kin stands next to kin against external foes. While there may be inter-kin skirmishes every once and a while, there is always a united front against a common enemy (that should make my old int'l affairs professors proud). So stand next to each other as a united Bulldawg Nation! Though we may never have spoken an actual word to each other, let alone know what one another looks like, we all bleed red and black!

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