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Christian Robinson out with foot injury - do we have a LB left?

From Christian Robinson is out for three weeks with a late game foot injury.   Do we move Richard Samuel back to linebacker?   Because it it getting awfully thin back there, and he tends just get hit and fall down anyhow.  And another thing, this is, what, the fourth player with a foot injury?   What are we doing to our feet?  Maybe Nike can give us some cleats that actually protect your feet instead of pro combat gear.  If it was really pro combat gear, you wouldn't have a foot injuries from getting stepped on (I forgot who it was, but someone had a foot injury in camp from getting stepped on.)

The football Gods in charge of Running Backs and Line Backers really hates on some Georgia.   Or maybe they call it football cause your feet get hurt a lot.   I know one thing, I am ready to not have any injuries for a while.   Somebody go to the Arch and sacrifice something.