A Perspective is Worth 1000 Words

Before we get too deep into this post (which shouldn't be all that deep, really), let me be clear about something. This post isn't written to make you feel better or worse about where this team is compared to where they were earlier today. If you want the coaches fired, I can't argue against that. If you think they did a heckuva job today, I can't argue against that, either. This is more about where we're at versus where we were at after Boise State.

Folks, we learned a lot about this team today. To me, a lot of it is positive. We looked great on offense for the better part of the game. Sure, one would liked to have gotten those touchdowns early on instead of field goals, and the screen pass would've been nice to see before the third quarter. It also would've been nice to have seen more hits on Garcia early on, or better run blitzing when it was obvious that Lattimore was getting the ball.

All that said, I think we got better today. Heck, we might have even been the better team on the field. Eliminate way too many costly turnovers, and the Dawgs are celebrating a win over a top 15 team. 

Let me throw some stats at you after the jump:


  • 42 points earned
  • 45 points given away
  • 188 yards rushing (Crowell with 128, 1 TD and 7.4 ypc) for UGA
  • Over 430+ yards of offense with an average of 6.5 ypp.
  • Three turnovers given to USC, two resulting in immediate touchdowns, with one resulting in a short drive, that still yielded a touchdown. All in all, an extra 21 points for USC off of Georgia turnovers

Let's be honest. If you score 42 points in a game, you should win that game. But you can't look at the stats above and say that UGA should've held them to fewer offensive points. For the most part, the USC offense looked like it had more potential than kinetic energy. They made some plays, but aside from riding Lattimore like the horse that he is (27 carries for 176 yards), Jeffrey was held pretty much in check (5 catches for 85 yards and a TD) and Garcia didn't come close to making the types of plays he's burned us with in our previous meetings.

Things aren't good in Athens Town, but it's not like they're horrible either. I saw a team tonight that was EXPONENTIALLY better than they were last week. The unfortunate thing is there's a real chance the wheels come off after a loss like this. The fact that we're playing Coastal Carolina this week cannot be understated. We need a win in the worst way.

Is this season over? No. Does it feel that way? Right now it does, but that's to be expected. You're hurt, you're mad, you're sad and you're depressed. It's because you care. We ALL feel like that in some way or another. But I want you to take a realistic step back and look at every aspect of the game today. If you didn't see improvement in nearly every area of the game, I don't know what to tell you. I personally saw a team that lost the turnover battle and it cost them a game. It's as simple as that.

Today was heartbreaking folks, but it wasn't backbreaking. I think this team can rebound ("can" being the key word) and I really, really, REALLY hope that it does. Because if it can shore up the FIXABLE MISTAKES we saw today, We might end up being a good team, and I always want a good UGA team, even if someone or everyone thinks it's too late.

The sun rose after Florida last year. It'll rise again tomorrow. Perspective.

...and patience. Lots and lots of patience (OK, and maybe bourbon...)

Until next time kids.

Be safe. 

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