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Georgia Bulldogs v. South Carolina Gamecocks Game Day Open Comment Thread

Today is the first day of the rest of your life, and this is the first game of the rest of the Georgia Bulldogs' season. Was last Saturday's debacle in the Georgia Dome the beginning of the end, or can Mark Richt turn it around in time? If the 2011 campaign can be salvaged, the unlikely resurgence will have to begin against the defending SEC East champion South Carolina Gamecocks, which is a tall order, indeed.

Nevertheless, our team remains, ever and always, our team, so use this comment thread to cheer on the 'Dawgs and celebrate or commiserate with your fellow Georgia fans. Let's try to keep our reactions within reason; these are trying times, but, in the midst of difficulty, we do better to band together than to turn on our own. Comment here the way you want to see Georgia play: well, and in a way that represents our university the way we want to see it represented.

Go 'Dawgs!