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2011 Goat Roast T Shirt Voting

Generic Roast Back
Generic Roast Back

Thank you everyone for your patience while we worked some things out. We now have 4 different t shirt designs for you. Some of the designs come from ideas posted in comment threads. Unfortunately, I was unable to translate every idea to a tshirt, but this is primarily due to my lack of skill and for that I apologize.

With only 6 weeks to the Goat Roast we need to make this a quick vote, so be sure and vote early for your favorite design.

All tshirt designs are shown on red shirts, however, you may have the option to purchase the design in a color of your choosing. If you choose an orange shirt and wear it to the Goat Roast, we are not responsible for what happens to you.

Here are the tshirt designs:

A Dawg Fan's Prayer



A Bigger Goat


Everyone's A Rival



Generic Goat Roast