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Jarvis Jones Cleared to Play by NCAA; Eeyore and Chicken Little Cautiously Peer Out From Under Umbrellas

Normally, I am very leery of public expressions of optimism regarding the Georgia Bulldogs; it has been my experience that evincing too sunny a disposition is followed frequently by rotten news, and this was supposed to be Slow News Day Tuesday. This week, though, I have shown increasingly unbridled optimism regarding the coming campaign, which has caused me to cringe in anticipation of the dropping of the other shoe.

Well, the other shoe has dropped . . . and the news is good.

As initially posted here by downindixie, Jarvis Jones reportedly has been cleared by the NCAA and the SEC to play for Georgia this fall. This is huge news, both because Jones figures to be a solid contributor in Todd Grantham’s 3-4 scheme, and because, frankly, it would have been neither surprising nor particularly unjust had the authorities ruled the other way. I’m glad the decision came down the way it did, but, really, I couldn’t have argued forcefully against the verdict had it gone the other way.

Yet go the other way it did not. I openly confessed that I was starting to feel good about the Red and Black again, and the next bit of news out of Athens was favorable. The sun is shining, and the energy vampires intent on sapping the Bulldogs’ positive mojo have been slain by its bright rays (no, they don’t glitter in the sunlight; these are energy vampires, not those silly teenage emo vampires), and it is, if not morning, at least no longer evening in Bulldog Nation.

Go ‘Dawgs!