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Is It Too Early for Georgia Bulldogs Fans to Start Feeling Good About the 2011 Season?

Seth Emerson is seriously mellowing my harsh with quotations like these:

The first five done good so far. . . . It's been pretty good, especially with the ones.

Will Friend
Not only in this league, but in the NFL or whatever, you've got guys that if you can't trust them out there you're not gonna put them out there. . . . That hasn't been an issue with Isaiah so far. And this is day four of installation, and he hasn't missed much assignment-wise, and that's obviously a pleasure to see.

Bryan McClendon
It's going to be a long road. She's back at home. With this whole situation, each day that's all we look at. And yesterday was a good day. I woke up this morning and as I was leaving, she and my wife are sleeping in the bed together. I sleep in a different room right now, but I came in to brush my teeth and she woke up and she wanted a hug. I darn near started crying this morning when she wanted a hug. I'm almost crying right now. But she's doing good.

Kirk Olivadotti, on his four-year-old daughter, Kasyn

Those are some of several encouraging observations offered by Emerson from the Georgia Bulldogs coaching staff, and, inasmuch as the last one concerns important life matters having nothing to do with preseason coachspeak, it’s hard not to come away from the first few days of fall practice feeling good about everything in general.

Manic Kyle remains locked away in a maximum security cell, but he’s coming up for early parole at the end of this month. What do you think? Is it time to let him see the light of day again?

Go ‘Dawgs!