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2011 General College Football Predictions

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When I posted my preseason conference championship predictions back on August 22---practically the Progressive Era, in blog years---I promised that general college football predictions were coming soon. Well, I guess this qualifies as "soon" in geological time (or if you’re waiting for vineyarddawg to update the lexicon), but, this year, we’re mixing it up a little bit. Think of it as a new strength and conditioning regimen for bloggers.

We all know I’m bad at these sorts of predictions, which is one of the many reasons why we are fortunate to have such a talented stable of contributors. Rather than botch another set of prognostications all on my own, I figured I’d turn to my co-authors, a few of whom offered the following forecasts:

Mr. Sanchez: Kwame Geathers will have a good, not great season, and leave for the NFL.

vineyarddawg: For the first time since 2005, the BCS National Championship Game will not feature an SEC team.

Spears: The Dawgs will win a game in which the offense scores 20 points or fewer for the first time since 2008.

MaconDawg: Alabama will sustain a second straight three-loss campaign. A.J. McCarron may be hip, but he's not Greg McElroy, and no one on that roster is Julio Jones. Trent Richardson may be the second coming of Mark Ingram (heck, he may be even better), but that remains to be established.

Mr. Sanchez: Brandon Boykin will score five touchdowns this season (via kickoff return, interception return, or, as we've been clamoring for for two years now, with a small offensive package like the smaller, less of a threat with the ball, Branden Smith has), and our crush on him will grow to Champ-like levels.

vineyarddawg: On January 10, 2012 (the day after the National Championship Game), the SEC will have 13 members/announced future members.

NCT: The winner of Oklahoma-FSU will lose a BCS bowl game, and the loser of Oklahoma-FSU will win a BCS bowl game.

RedCrake: Notre Dame, much ballyhooed as a darkhorse BCS bowl contender, will lose five games or more (including at least one loss to the service academies). Lou Holtz will weep, then predict Notre Dame will win the national championship next year. In other words, 2011 will be just like the four prior years.

DavetheDawg: Morning sun will give way to increasing clouds and a good chance for thunderstorms moving over the metro area, diminishing by later this evening. Highs generally in the upper 80s to low 90s, lows in low 80s. Winds will remain light and variable. Chance of rain 50%. Oh, and we're going to whip Boise.

Coming Soon: Football. Actual, honest-to-goodness, real, live college football.

Go ‘Dawgs!