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2011 Goat Roast - Update

So for those who are interested, a t-shirt vote is in the works, we're working with a new process, so we beg your indulgence while we work out the kinks.

Now for the rest of the details:

The Goat Roast is scheduled for Saturday October 15 at The Blind Pig Tavern in Athens - Campus Location.  I've spoken to the nice folks over there and we're all set.  Time will be announced when we know when kickoff is.

The Blind Pig has a whole slew of options for your dining pleasure at reasonable prices and a full bar.

Now the part I know you're most interested in.  The Cake Lady from Warner Robins, GA has once again agreed to provide us with a delectable Red Velvet Goat Cake just like last year.  She's a real nice lady, and we are delighted she's agreed to bake for us again this year.  She is always invited to the event and may attend if her health permits such traveling.

Your job is to RSVP in the comments below letting me know how many folks will be in your party.   I'll be there with a selection of guests.

As always, no goats will be harmed before or during this event unless y'all take it upon yourselves to sacrifice & roast a goat.

Here's to a great season and a great Roast!