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Is Bacarri Rambo Suspended, Being Punished, or Just Not Starting?

First of all, I want to thank tankertoad for serving as the de facto Dawg Sports night desk editor, in which capacity he picked up the emerging story about Bacarri Rambo’s uncertain status with the Georgia Bulldogs. While some understandable concerns were expressed about the definitive nature of the original headline in a confusing situation, I do not believe sensationalism was involved, though, of course, we appreciate the constructive criticisms, and the spirit in which, and the tone with which, they were offered.

Here is what we know:

I would tend to agree with tankertoad’s take; when told that the University of Georgia student radio station had reported that Rambo was suspended and asked whether it was so, Coach Richt did not respond, "No, that’s not right. Bacarri Rambo is not suspended." Granted, not saying he isn’t doesn’t mean he is, but, if the answer’s not an unequivocal "no," doesn’t that have to mean it’s at least a little bit "yes"? Isn’t being suspended sort of like being pregnant; you either are or you aren’t?

Steve Spurrier might argue otherwise---about being suspended, that is, not about being pregnant---but Mark Richt has not hitherto been known for levying cosmetic suspensions that just happen to last for the precise length of time it takes for the punished player to avoid missing any actual snaps. Maybe Rambo is double-secret suspended; maybe he’s suspended for a half; maybe he’s just straight-up suspended, and Mark Richt doesn’t want to let Chris Petersen know that any earlier than he absolutely must (which would be my entirely speculative guess), but it sure seems like something is up, doesn’t it? I hope he’s not suspended---I think quite highly of Bacarri Rambo, for obvious reasons---but Coach Richt all but said there is another shoe out there, waiting to drop.

In any case, I appreciate tankertoad bringing this to our attention as swiftly as he did, and we appreciate all the feedback, and the quality and tenor of the comments that have followed. We try to address issues of interest in a timely manner, and to rush without rushing to judgment. For the record, I think tankertoad wrote a fair headline, given the fact that a media outlet---even if it was just the campus student radio station---had reported the supposed suspension as a fact, but, again, reasonable fans may differ, and, as we endeavor to expand both our coverage and the conversation here at the site, we remain grateful for your candor and your contributions.

In that spirit, what do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

Go ‘Dawgs!