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Dawg-gone Podcast Show 22 is UP!!

Hello again kids!

The Dawg-gone Podcast Show #22 has been posted for your listening pleasure. It's Game Week, and that means you deserve a show worthy of such. Meaning it's a big show. Also meaning that it's a LONG show. Pack a lunch.

This week, I wax Dawg Poetic with the following:

  • Deke Wiggins -- Founder of The Dawgbone. We discuss how the site works, how he got into creating the site and his unbridled optimism towards this year's team.
  • Brett Bawcum -- The Associate Director of the Redcoat Band talks about this year's changes to the Dawg Walk, the new and improved UGA Pregame show and where the Redcoats will be sitting for the Boise State game this weekend.
  • Kyle King -- As always, The King comes on and adds some credibility to the show. Plus, we preview this weekend's game and what the Dawgs need to do in order to possibly pull out a win.

So, let's give you some linkage...

To download (and subscribe!) to the show on iTunes, click here.

To download or stream the show in MP3 format, click here.

To email me about the podcast, click here.

Also, you can stream the show in Flash format, in its entirety, directly below.


Until next time kids.

Be safe.