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Monday Night Dawg Bites: SEC Expansion/Preseason BlogPoll/Bowl Projections Edition

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I’m sure you’ve noticed some of the news-like tidbits available on the right-hand sidebar; so certain am I, in fact, that I almost hesitate to mention these latest developments. You know to what I’m referring; that’s right, I’m talking about the "Moneyball" preview. I’m going to send vineyarddawg to see it first, because I’m not going to go see it unless I have confirmation that Brad Pitt gets shot to death at the end.

Oh, there were some other updates, as well, so I might as well touch upon those, too, as long as I have your attention. It appears the lawyers have cleared Texas A&M for SEC takeoff, opening the door for Dennis Dodd to dodder onto the scene with the lamest list of would-be 14th teams conceivable. Dennis, of whom the best that might be said is that he is not Stewart Mandel, needs to get a grip; there are two pretty good bets about this process, even if the Aggies are on board before kickoff: The league’s 14th team won’t be selected anytime soon, and, when it is, it won’t be Maryland.

In the here and now, the preseason BlogPoll has been released, and the Alabama Crimson Tide are ranked No. 1 by the narrowest of margins over the Oklahoma Sooners. The Boise St. Broncos, recipients of one first-place vote, check in at fourth, along with such other 2011 opponents of the Georgia Bulldogs as the twelfth-ranked South Carolina Gamecocks, the 20th-ranked Mississippi St. Bulldogs, the 23rd-ranked Florida Gators, and the 24th-ranked Auburn Tigers (who also received one first-place vote). The Red and Black are ranked 18th.

Will that top 20 preseason ranking hold up over the course of the autumn? Maybe so, if Alex Scutchfield’s SEC bowl projections are to be believed: Alex has Georgia meeting the Michigan St. Spartans in the Gator Bowl on January 2, the same day the Palmetto State Poultry will square off with the Ohio St. Buckeyes in the Outback Bowl. Auburn and Florida, for the record, are predicted to play on New Year’s Eve.

There’s a lot to unpack in these latest developments, so I’ll throw the floor open for group discussion. Will Texas A&M officially be accepted into the SEC before football season starts on Thursday? Aside from the Aggies, which team or teams will be brought into the league along with them, and when will the final phase of expansion take place? Which teams are ranked too high or too low in the BlogPoll? Will the Bulldogs conclude the campaign in a January bowl game?

Go ‘Dawgs!