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Free Form Friday Is Ready For Some Football, And May Be Able To "Handle" Your Armadillo Problem.

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Some Friday mornings, like this one, I wake up brimming with delight at the thought of the upcoming weekend of college football. Then, as the fog clears, I realize that there is no college football to be seen. It's enough to shatter a lesser football consumer's confidence. While this sad state of affairs would drive others into the junk bond market of the CFL or Arena League, as a long term, buy-and-hold, risk-on pigskin investor I'm long Free Form Friday, the Berkshire Hathaway of weekend open comment threads. Remember that past results are no guarantee of future profits. Consult a qualified gridiron investment advisor before buying a rookie quarterback who throws like he's slinging water off his hand because the mens room dryer is on the fritz. Feel free to buy, sell or hold the topics below, or discard them in favor of your own blue chip recommendations.

Maestro, cue the theme music for the summer that now is gone:


 Last night's fall football practice open comment thread seems to have been a rousing success.  If you missed it, know that tankertoad may or may not know some guys who could make a herd/pack/army of armadillos disappear quickly and quietly. Not that you'd ever need to know that. I'm just sayin' is all.

Of course, it was an NFL thread, which is okay if it's all there is. This point in the preseason is incidentally when I begin my annual ritual of figuring out which NFL team I will pull for in the upcoming season. I use a proprietary formula that goes like this: number of former Bulldogs on active roster X percentage of playing time=rooting interest. Ergo, Hines Ward as captain of the Pittsburgh Steelers would trump some other team with two former 'Dawgs on the practice squad. But not necessarily four Classic City Canines getting consistent playing time for another team. This is mathematics people. It's precise, elegant, and the reason that all the economists in the world laid end to end still wind up mumbling about "animal spirits".

Marc Weiszer of the Banner Herald wins the daily prize for the headline most likely to scare Dawg Sports readers senseless: "Notebook: Bobo Tweaking Offense." Upon seeing the title I thought "if we've reached the point where the green notebook has become sensient, and reliable, seasoned beat writers are turning to it rather than the coaches for after-practice quotes, we're screwed." Fortunately the headline refers to Weiszer's notebook, not Bobo's. So there may still be hope.

One rumor that's been floating around Bulldog message boards is that Bobo may tweak the offense by inserting Bacarri Rambo at quarterback at some point. I for one don't think getting Rambo's hands on the ball such a bad idea. It might also free Branden Smith up to concentrate on defense, which would be a positive development for the guy. He is a junior after all, so it's about time we figured out exactly where his estimable talents figure into the grand scheme of things. Or we could just move him all around the field like Kiante Tripp and Justin Anderson. It's, you know, whatever.

As you may (or may not) have noticed, I still have another installment or two to go on our list of 21 great movies. I had hoped to finish the thing before the season starts. However, between Jim Tressel, Nevin Shapiro, and Texas A&M standing forlornly in front of Big XII headquarters with a suitcase and a thumb out, I kind of got sidetracked. Rest assured that we will get there, likely in upcoming Fridays.

Speaking of which, we'll be back in this space on Friday not with free form frivolity, but rather with the first exuberant installment of this season's Friday Tailgate, praise be to your deity of choice. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!