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Get Dawg Sports On Your iPhone!



Now you can stay on top of all the latest news and commentary from Dawg Sports and over 300 other SB Nation blogs from your iPhone.  With the sleek new SB Nation iPhone app you can:
  • Get the latest breaking sports news as it happens;
  • Customize your news with your favorite teams, sports and blogs (including Dawg Sports, hint, hint);
  • Get notification of story updates for the breaking news that you choose to follow on, regional and conference sites, and right here at Dawg Sports;
  • Read and reply to comments.

Getting the app is simple, just go to the App Store on your iPhone and search for "SB Nation". A few other tidbits:

1. An Android version of the app is coming soon, so be on the lookout for that announcement.

2. The app is free, making it substantially cheaper than your average JUCO quarterback, and therefore less likely to draw storm clouds to your favorite college football program or force you to listen to Danny Sheridan playing his own personal radio version of three card monte.

3. For now the comments are basic read-and-reply, but that should be enhanced in future updates.

4. You can use your existing SB Nation username and password to log into the app, unless you've already used it to bring disgrace to yourself, your family, and your country. In which case feel free to change it.

We hope you all are as excited about this news as we here at Dawg Sports are. It should be a huge leap forward, and we're glad you're leaping with us. Until later . . .


Go 'Dawgs!!!