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Midnight Dawg Bites

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So, as I often do, I surfed all things UGA today and thought you may want a few updates.   UGA scrimmaged against a simulated BSU today, spotting BSU 31 points at the half and, good news, UGA won.    Of course, this is the 1st team vs the scout team, but there are some good things to be garnished from today

   Although we were worried about our receiving corps status, looking at this summer's workouts, I am feeling a lot more comfortable.  Orson Charles,  T King, Aaron White, Brandon Harton, Isreal Troupe and Micheal Bennet all had catches with nice gains, and that is a trend I have seen on a continuing upswing as well.    Also in the world of good things to hear, Hutson Mason went 7-for-9, 98 yards, with 1 TD.  He is developing into a strong backup, and may start giving Aaron Murray a lot more competition.   Blair Walsh kicked a 56 yarder, so he is still on his game, but the best news is continued reports of Crowell getting better and playing well.   The internet rumor mill is getting started he is on his way to being a starter.   Samuel is still recovering.   Further interesting news is that center Ben Jones, DE DeAngelo Tyson, punter Drew Butler and Boykin have been named team captains for the opening game. 

Georgia's defensive secondary is making me feel a little too good, garnishing six turnovers and "at least" four interceptions, Richt said.  "It was interception mania there for a minute," Richt said. "But their offensive line didn't protect very well, and that's the main reason why."  Two INTs were returned for touchdowns by cornerback Brandon Boykin.

It's interesting to look at different sources.   AJC, as usual, leads with a headline, CMR UNHAPPY WITH WORKOUT. Well, when you read the actual article, it was just one quote where CMR said "We weren't ready today."   So, sorry, AJC, the sky isn't falling.   My personal highlight was reading commenters on Bill King's Junkyard Blog calling him an "energy vampire."    I like the shift in Bulldog Nation attitudes.  Oh, by the way, I finally found a quote from Coach Grantham, losely paraphasing he said his D played a full four quarters of ball in the last game, maybe even a little dig at Coach Bobo in there.    The reports I read and the changes in starters and positions on the D give me a lot of positive vibes.       

On a more personal note, sadly, I find myself just as ready to play USC as BSU.   I think the early and often trash talk, pre-game hype, pro combat madness, and just the agony of waiting through August wore me thin.  However, more than that everything BSU is "we have the greatest [insert player, line, QB, HC] ever".   I surf their sites and I never find anything about a good restaurant, or something fun to do at BSU, or classes starting, or well, anything that isn't about BSU football.   It's kinda boring really.   Tonight, although it will pass when we get into next week, but for tonight I truly hope we 2005 them and end this mess for good and get on with our SEC slate.

BSU keeps saying we are in for this surprise or we don't know about their zone blocking and they have the muscle hamster and a Heisman candidate, but I got some words myself:   This is not the 2010 Bulldogs, and BSU will get 4 quarters of hell.