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The New and Improved DawgSports Reader Lexicon.

Well, it's only been eight months since my original lexicon post, and since I promised to update it "in a timely manner," I am only too pleased to deliver the latest revised product on the exact timeline I promised!*

As is always going to be the case with a heavily-visited website with a significant "regular" user base, there are certain colloquialisms that have sprung up around here. We don't wish any newcomers to be intimidated or confused by the use of these idioms, however, so this guide is provided as a primer to help you understand just exactly what the heck we're talking about, and what exactly that inside joke means. (Well, most of the time, at least.)

The newly-revised lexicon is below, presented in more-or-less random order... please feel free to comment and/or suggest additions!

* - Yes, eight months counts as "in a timely manner." That's barely a blink of an eye on a geologic time scale! Hey, at least I got it done before the season started. :-)

  • DGD - Damn Good Dawg, which is considered acceptable profanity on this site due to its historical usage in Bulldog Nation. When Uga I was eulogized in Sanford Stadium prior to the introduction of Uga II, and the student section spontaneously broke out into the aforementioned cheer. In fact, while other Uga's have multiple-sentence epitaphs written on their tombstones, Uga I only has three words: "Damn Good Dawg."
  • DTD - DaveTheDawg, a regular and newly-minted "author" who is definitely a DGD, but is not to be confused with the more generic "DGD" remark. He is also a world-renowned meteorologist, but keeps getting squeezed out of the Atlanta market by Florida Gator alum Glen Burns.
  • Butter - DTD's sustenance of choice when jakked up. Dave is a butter aficionado, and has been known to travel to the ends of the earth just to try a rare variant of Nepalese sun-baked goat butter or South African prairie-fresh springbok butter.
  • I hate Auburn - Kyle's catchphrase. He hates Auburn. He would like us to know this.
  • I hate Florida - Vineyarddawg's catchphrase. He hates Florida with the fire of a thousand suns being fueled by the fire of an additional thousand suns. He would also like us to know this.
  • Totally Surprised - Tankertoad's catchphrase. He is, apparently, caught completely off-guard by things that should have been readily apparent. For example, take the following exchange:

    Bobby Petrino: I have decided to leave the University of Arkansas to coach the (insert the name of any team here).
    Tankertoad: Totally Surprised.
    Les Miles: Woeojuwejhdjwe.
    Tankertoad: Totally Surprised.
  • Sacrifice a goat (at the Arch or otherwise) - When you hit a schneid like the collective Georgia Bulldogs athletics teams have recently endured since January 2, 2008, your fans get desperate. We decided that the best way to turn around the Bulldogs' fortunes was to roast a goat. And, despite evidence to the contrary, we will continue to believe this. (It's a fact!)
  • It's a fact! - Once upon a time, a wayward Ohio State Buckeye fan wandered into a DawgSports threaad. During this time of southerner/midwesterner interaction, said poisonous nut Buckeye claimed, repeatedly and with increased emphasis (and ignorance of counter arguments), that Ohio State had the best out-of-conference schedule in the country not just that season, but every season. He finished more than one of his comments with the phrase, "It's a fact!" and passed into DawgSports lore.
  • Green notebook - As you might be aware, there are some people in the Bulldog Nation who, let's say, take issue with the way Mike Bobo calls plays for the Georgia offense. (Much in the same way, for example, that Dwight Eisenhower took issue with the way the Nazis were taking over Europe.) (And, there we go, this post has already been Godwin'ed, and by the author himself.) In reference to their displeasure, Bobo's detractors frequently say that when he calls a play that spectacularly didn't work, it came "from the green notebook." This is a reference to the movie The Waterboy, in which stupid plays were written down in a green notebook.
  • First and Bomb - The play on the first page of the green notebook. This page instructs Mike Bobo to call a long bomb pass on approximately 50% of the first downs in any given game. This causes great consternation during in-game threads.
  • Petrino Math - This method of calculation is named after Louisville Auburn Atlanta Arkansas head coach Bobby Petrino. To use Petrino Math, you first have to be trailing your opponent (much like Bobby Petrino's teams usually are). Then, you calculate how many field goals and/or safeties it will take to either tie or win the game, because lord knows you won't be scoring any touchdowns. This is known as Petrino Math.

    For example, if Arkansas is losing to LSU by 14 points, one does not say that the Hogs are losing by 2 Touchdowns. Instead, you say that using Petrino Math, the Hogs are down by 4 field goals and 1 safety, and that they only need 1 additional safety beyond that to win the game. So, they're actually only 6 possessions away from winning.
  • GATA - Get After Their Ass... or, if you prefer a more child-friendly version, Get After Them Aggressively. This phrase was first introduced at Georgia by the legendary Erk Russell, who, the legend goes, saw a Techie sporting a "G.T.A.A." shirt (Georgia Tech Athletic Association) and decided to rearrange the letters in a typical Erk-like unique fashion. This is also the phrase to which Mark Richt is referring when he says in interviews, "We weren't really 'getting after it' today," or "We're really going to have to 'get after it' this week."
  • KTMFD - Knock That Mother F***** Down. A more modern version of the GATA phrase, created in response to a (real or imagined) phrase uttered by Coach Todd Grantham in exhortation to his players.
  • Thread-altering mojo - Tankertoad's seemingly single-handed ability to either cause a Georgia Bulldogs athletics team to either win or lose a game they had previously been either losing or winning (respectively) just by showing up and commenting in a live in-game thread.
  • Lock tankertoad in a lead-lined room - As mentioned previously, there have been many occasions over the past few years when a Georgia sports team (not just football) is winning, only to have tankertoad turn the game on TV and/or join the in-game thread, at which time the Dawgs' fortunes immediately turn around and result in a loss. As a result, Kyle frequently "invites" tankertoad to voluntarily lock himself in a lead-lined room so that he cannot watch the game or participate in any online communities, thereby helping the Dawgs avoid his hideously bad mojo.
  • How did we lose to (insert team name here)? - See UGA vs. Colorado (football), 2010.
  • SOS - Synergy of Suck. See previous reference, along with "UGA Football, 2010 season."
  • Shit ____, Get It Together - Ok, let's just go ahead and admit that many, if not most, of these lexicon entries are going to be not entirely family-friendly. A picture is worth a thousand words, and this picture is what ignited the aforementioned phrase.
    (This picture has been lawya'd)

  • Loyalty - Sorry, I could not find this word anywhere in the college football lexicon anymore.
  • FYG - The "YG" part stands for "Your Grandmother," and yes, the "F" stands for "that F word." I'll just link to Kyle's explanation on that one (it's in the 3rd paragraph from the bottom).
  • Podunkdawg's brownies - No, you perverts, this is not a double-entendre. Podunkdawg confided in us one day that when she gets distressed and/or upset, she likes to make brownies, using her super-chocolatey, fudgey, and even-some-peanut-butter-in-there recipe. Since there were many opportunities for her to reach this state during the 2009 and 2010 seasons, we have had many opportunities to be tortured by the thought that somewhere in the Dawgverse, podunkdawg was making some delicious, mouth-watering brownies... and we were torturously out of reach of said morsels of sweet goodness. The highest compliment anyone at this site can ever pay you is for podunkdawg to offer to make you brownies. :-)
  • Talking to yourself (and replying to your own posts) - I searched for all I was worth and couldn't find the original thread on this one. The story goes like this, though: One Saturday (or it could have been a Thursday or whatever day they play on), an in-game thread at From The Rumble Seat, the Georgia Tech blog at SBNation, was literally filled with nothing but posts from one guy. And he had not only posted play-by-play and comments, but he had also responded to his own comments in an un-ironic, totally-serious manner. It was as if he was arguing with himself in an in-game thread that only he was posting in. Basically, it was the in-game thread version of this:

    Except with 100% less World of Warcraft, of course. (This picture has been lawya'd)
  • Inteljumper is my favorite Georgian stationed in Nevada of all time, primarily because he introduced us to this picture:

    (Non-liked picture lawya'd) Did I mention that I hated Florida? Because I hate Florida.

  • PWG (Playing While Georgia) - A common penalty called against us by Penn Wagers and other SEC officials.
  • Emerging from an alley - A common phrase used to denote the ticky-tack, minor nature of the crimes for which Georgia players are typically arrested by Athens-Clarke County police. This is derived from an actual incident in which a Georgia player was actually arrested and charged with a number of minor offenses, including "emerging from an alley."
  • Disney Dawg - A term frequently used by regulars of a "different orientation" on this site. This term is usually applied to any person who tries to defend Mark Richt in any way against the people who come and bash Mark Richt, calling for his immediate ouster after every Georgia Bulldog defeat. If you don't think Mark Richt should be immediately fired, then you, sirrah, are a Disney Dawg. You don't understand that in order to win, we need to fire Mark Richt and poach Nick Saban from Alabama for a $10 million a year salary. That's chump change compared to the athletic budget, and would be totally worth it when he leads us to 36 straight national championships, which would be inevitable.
  • WLOCP - If you don't know what this acronym means... well, then I'm going to tell you. It means World Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party. If you don't know what that is... well, then I can't help you, Dr. Adams.
  • Il Duce - The President of the University of Georgia, Michael Adams.
  • The Armani Bear - Nick Saban
  • "Corch Urban Meyers," "Go Gata," and/or "Gradulate the Gatas." - These are references to a truly magnificent speech given on the floor of the United States House of Representatives by Corrine Brown of Florida, "gradulating" the Florida Gators for their most recent national championship. The full version of her remarks is here, and a wonderfully entertaining techno mashup is here. This one video almost makes it worth having to watch Florida win two national championships. (Almost.)

I believe that covers everything on my list! Your additions and comments are welcome below!

Go Dawgs!