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How Georgia Bulldogs Fans Can Help Aaron Murray Win the Davey O'Brien National Quarterback Award

The Georgia Bulldogs head into the 2011 college football season with 99 problems, but a quarterback ain’t one. In fact, Aaron Murray enters the autumn on the watch list for the Davey O’Brien National Quarterback Award, a distinction he shares with the Tennessee VolunteersTyler Bray, the Boise St. BroncosKellen Moore, and the Mississippi St. BulldogsChris Relf.

Because Murray is on the Davey O’Brien Foundation’s radar screen, the country’s oldest national quarterback award ought to be on ours, as well. The 16 semifinalists for the honor will be announced on October 24, and college football fans have a small role to play in the selection process. Beginning on September 6, the Tuesday after Labor Day, each of us will be able to vote as often as once a day at the Foundation’s website.

As Thomas Layfield’s article comparing Aaron Murray to the likes of David Greene and Matthew Stafford in the Maple Street Press annual made clear, Murray has the potential to leave Athens as the top signal caller in Georgia history. The O’Brien Quarterback Award, which has a more commendable track record than the Heisman Trophy, would be a fitting addition to Murray’s trophy case.

As we say in Georgia, vote early and vote often. That goes double for y’all in Telfair County.

Go ‘Dawgs!