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The Georgia Bulldogs Are Back in Intercollegiate Action Tonight! Are You Ready for Some Futbol?

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Ladies and gentlemen, University of Georgia intercollegiate athletics resume tonight!

Granted, there still are 15 days remaining until the Georgia Bulldogs kick off the 2011 college football season against the Boise St. Broncos in the Georgia Dome, but, in the meantime, at 8:00 this evening, the Red and Black women’s soccer team will open its season against Furman in Greenville, S.C. For those who are inclined to keep tabs on the match, live scoring is available here and live blogging is available here.

The Athenians, who made it to the SEC semifinals a year ago and are expected to place third in the East this autumn, bring back eight regular first-teamers from last season’s squad, including all-conference goalie Ashley Baker and the Bulldogs’ top six players in terms of point production. Though Georgia boasts an all-time record of 11-2-2 in season openers, the injury-riddled Bulldogs lost an exhibition match last Friday night, and they dropped last year’s initial outing against Duke.

The preceding three paragraphs pretty much have succeeded in maxing out the length and breadth of my soccer acumen, and, but for the fact that these ladies represent the University of Georgia in intercollegiate athletic competition, those selfsame paragraphs would have exceeded by a good paragraph and a half the extent of my interest in the sport. I mention this not to disparage this fine group of young women, but to make it clear that (a) I believe the Georgia soccer team is worth reporting on simply by virtue of the fact that it is the Georgia soccer team, and (b) I am by no means competent to handle this task adequately.

Accordingly, if any of the several soccer fans here---we know who you are, though we have refrained from reporting you to the Department of Homeland Security and the House Committee on Un-American Activities---would care to keep us posted on the on-field achievements of this particular bunch of Bulldogs, this is an excellent opportunity to have reader fanposts promoted to the front page. Anyone so inclined is not only welcome, but actively encouraged, to sign up in the comments below.

Go ‘Dawgs!