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The Gift For The Auburn Fan Who Has It All.

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I'm a lawyer, ergo, I have a need for neckties. I wear one every day, and I'm sensitive to the fact that mens' neckties are a very personal matter. As I've noted in this space before, I wish more college football coaches would wear them because, dammit, I'm old and crotchety like that.

And while wearing a tie generally indicates that you're doing something serious (like attending a wedding, funeral, or hearing at which you will plead guilty to tax evasion in the unreported purchase of a junior college quarterback's services), they're not all that serious.

Take for example the wide array of collegiate neckties. While not my personal favorite, the choice for many other former southern frat boys like myself is Brooks Brothers. Brooks Brothers offers timeless designs, classic styling, and, apparently, piss poor market research. Behold:


 The hot little number that Brooks Borthers originally labeled "the Auburn houndstooth tie", part of their collegiate collection.  Eagle-eyed SB Nation editor Steven Godfrey picked up a tweet from War Eagle-eyed Twitterer @TheJuiceisGood regarding the unfortunately designed neckwear. Brooks Brothers has now relabeled it, tweeting a "correction": "Auburn fans & alums rejoice- turns out we mislabeled the now infamous tie houndstooth when in fact it'schevron."

That's bullcrap on a trisket, sports fans. Even Auburn fans aren't dumb enough to buy that one. I, however, will be buying one of these for every Auburn fan I know, whether man, woman, child, or wartigerbagman. Until later . . .


Go 'Dawgs!!!