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Tuesday Night Dawg Bites: Men's Tennis, David Pollack, and Nike Pro Combat Uniforms Top the Day's Georgia Bulldogs Notes

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After last weekend, I am worn out but nearly caught up, though the process of getting up to speed has caused a few corners to be cut, necessitating that I take the Inigo Montoya I-will-explain-no-there-is-no-time-I-will-sum-up approach. Please keep a firm grip on the handrail at all times as we rush through the rundown of recent minutiae of note:

  • Are you still finding it hard to wrap your head around the idea of me in Las Vegas? If so, here is proof that I was there: Jim Bankoff snapped a photograph of breakfast at the SB Nation blogger conference, and I am visible on the left side of the open doorway, wearing a red shirt and looking toward the left edge of the picture. Yeah, J-Bank has the photographic skills of Abraham Zapruder, but, trust me, that’s me.
  • All right, all right, all right; Ray Drew sprained his shoulder in a scooter accident, Kent Turene failed to make it through the NCAA clearing house, and both Isaiah Crowell and Richard Samuel missed practice due to injury. Depressive Kyle is back on duty, or he will be when he awakes. Right now, he’s sleeping in due to jet lag.
  • My thanks go out to Auburn fan Mike Tarleton for alerting me to the fact that unused football tickets may be donated for the benefit of military personnel who want to see a Georgia game. Anyone interested in supporting this worthy cause is encouraged to go here.
  • This piece is a couple of days old, but C&F does an exceptionally good job of stating the case for adding Texas A&M to the SEC, so it remains worthy of a link.
  • Before you get too fired up for football season, take a moment to check out the Georgia men’s tennis team’s 2011-’12 schedule, which recently was released. The six-time NCAA champion Bulldogs, who will play host to the national title tourney in Athens next May after falling in the semifinals to Southern California in the Golden State last year, are slated to face at least a dozen squads who made the 2011 postseason field.

    The Red and Black will begin the year with eight tournaments, commencing with the Atlanta Athletic Club Collegiate Invitational against Boise State on September 2-3 before the Southern Intercollegiate Championships come to the Classic City on September 23-26. Dual match play gets underway against Clemson at the Dan Magill Tennis Complex on January 21, while the Bulldogs’ SEC schedule includes away matches at South Carolina on March 2, at Florida on March 4, at LSU on March 25, at Alabama on April 6, at Auburn on April 8, and at Tennessee on April 14. Somewhere in Atlanta, NCT just exclaimed aloud, "Goat Roast road trip!"
  • Is this a good time to hear Vince Dooley talking about Herschel Walker? Hey, it’s always a good time to hear Vince Dooley talking about Herschel Walker! Keith Dunnavant, by the way, may be posting other interviews of interest here, as well; if he does, don’t flag him, because he was gracious enough to contact me asking permission before posting links here, so he is no spammer. While you’re in a listening frame of mind, tune in to "The Dawg-Gone Podcast" to hear Kit Kitchens with Gentry Estes, Verron Haynes, and me.
  • There was a Herschel reference, so we might as well follow it up with a mention of the Bulldogs’ other three-time All-American, as David Pollack will be co-hosting an ESPNU college football show with Jesse Palmer. Your reaction to this news will tell you a lot about whether your fandom is premised more on your affinity for Georgia or your disdain for Florida.
  • Newnan defensive back Tray Matthews committed to Georgia for the class of 2013, opting for the Red and Black over 17 other suitors, including Alabama. Apparently, recruits aren’t overly worried about all the "hot seat" chatter surrounding Mark Richt; hopefully, that chatter will be quieted considerably after the ‘Dawgs face South Carolina with No. 1-ranked running back Keith Marshall in the stands.
  • I offer no guarantees or warranties, express or implied, as to the validity of this picture, but a reader forwarded it to me with an indication that he found it in the Facebook album of a Georgia player. I have not verified this independently, and, even if I had, it would not prove that this was, in fact, a rendering of the Nike Pro Combat uniforms the Bulldogs will wear in the Dome, but, with those copious caveats attached, here it is:

    This variation on the familiar Nike theme is not novel, but, since this purportedly came from a player’s Facebook page, it is the first time I have heard of this design being linked to anyone in Butts-Mehre Heritage Hall, however tenuously and without independent verification. Once again, the usual caveats all apply, and, frankly, I hope this isn’t what the Bulldogs will be wearing on September 3. If the Classic City Canines have to vary their look, they should do something historical like wear silver helmets. Show me Georgia uniform that could be transformed into a South Carolina uniform merely by swapping out helmet logos, and I’ll show you a Georgia uniform the Bulldogs should never wear.

That ought to hold you ‘til tomorrow, at least. On the more than merely minimal chance that I missed something of significance, though, I should open up the floor for discussion of anything I might have missed, or for comments concerning the stuff I caught. Have at it, everyone.

Go ‘Dawgs!