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Slow News Day Tuesday: The Return to Abnormalcy Edition

Were I not too jet-lagged and overwhelmed by recent non-, demi-, quasi-, and near-events to have left strength enough to engage in such an involuntary movement, I would shudder at the very thought of making reference to anything called "Slow News Day Tuesday." Dude, it’s mid-August, and this is the Southeastern Conference; there ain’t no such thing as a slow news day in these parts any longer.

Be that as it may, barring the Texas A&M Aggies’ impending escape beyond the event horizon of the black hole that is the Big 12 or the inevitable scooter-related escapades of mildly mischievous yet in no way ill-intentioned Georgia Bulldogs, this likely will be another day of rampant speculation, unrestrained rumor-mongering, and fevered dreams of a brave new world that has such conferences in it, though precious little in the way of substantive news, so I am going ahead with this weekly feature, all the while acknowledging that I have been warned.

This week’s Slow News Day Tuesday poses a deceptively simple question. How are you preparing for college football season? What are you doing to get ready for the fall campaign? How do you intend to flip the switch of your game face into the "on" position? Your answers go in the comments below.

Go ‘Dawgs!