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Reversal of Fortune: Gene Bleymaier Becomes Latest Victim of Renewed Georgia Mojo

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I don’t know when, why, or how it happened, but, sometime after the peach dropped last New Year’s Eve to bring down the curtain on an abysmal 2010 in Bulldog Nation, we got some contramojofication breaking in our direction. Try, if you can---I dare you; I double ‘Dawg dare you---to come up with any other explanation for the following:

If you’d asked me on January 1, 2010, to make a list of the worst things that conceivably could’ve happened to the Georgia program in the coming year, I couldn’t have imagined a plausible scenario that would’ve been as bad as the reality was. On the other hand, if you’d asked me on January 1, 2011, to make a list of the best things that conceivably could’ve happened to the Georgia program in the ensuing twelve months, I wouldn’t have dreamt of as many positive developments as we have seen in the first seven months and change.

I’m not being overly optimistic here; I freely concede that everything could go sour tomorrow, and there certainly has been some bad to leaven the good. Nevertheless, this fact remains: University of Georgia athletics have generated more good news between January 1, 2011, and August 10, 2011, than they generated between January 2, 2008, the day after the Sugar Bowl win over Hawaii, and December 31, 2010, the day of the Liberty Bowl loss to Central Florida. Past performance is no guarantee of future results, so the good luck we have enjoyed so far this year may be about to run out, but, then again, in light of the preceding three years’ worth of on-field production and off-field activity, the notion that what has come before is not certain to determine what will come next carries a certain comfort.

In short, things have been bad for a while, but, lately, they’ve been different. It isn’t an outlandish stretch to suppose that maybe, just maybe, what comes next might be good.

Go ‘Dawgs!