It's Time!

Dear Y'all,


That evil exam is over, results to be announced roughly mid August (which is when I find out) and I'm back from a blissful stay on an unnamed island in the Tennessee river 15-20 miles inside Alabama.  Football season is only 8 more weeks away - 57 days to kick off and, the Second Annual Dawg Sports Sacrificial Goat Roast (which may or may not include actual eating of goat meat) is 14 weeks or 99 days away.  Since we're now less than 100 days to our annual gathering, it's time to settle the last two questions - where are we going, and what do the t-shirts look like?

About where to go - I didn't hear any complaints about the Blind Pig - but, I am open to alternate suggestions.  We've seen logic supporting keeping it at the Pig & moving it - but the decision is yours.  Vote in the poll after the jump.

About those t-shirts - last year we had a whole bunch of fantastic submissions in our T-shirt design contest.  I expect a whole bunch of fantastic submissions this year - so get busy and post your submissions in the comments below.  Same rules as last year:

1.  The design should work well on a red, black, or grey background with a minimum of additional colors

2.  It must include the Dawg Sports logo & website

3.  It must say Second Annual Dawg Sports Sacrificial Goat Roast

4.  Designs should be included for the front & back of the t-shirt if both are to be printed.

5.  Of the official UGA logos, only the official "G" logo and/or the arch may be used to avoid copyright violation issues.

To use the Dawg Sports logo: please resize the logo from the website and use it as a placeholder.  If the winning design includes the blog logo it will be provided to the artist upon winning for incorporation into the design.  This is to keep the logo from getting out into the interwebs.

Multiple entries from the same artist are permitted.  You may also feel free to resubmit last year's submission.

In order to get the voting completed & t-shirts in time for the event, here's the deadlines:

  1. Entries must be posted to this comment thread no later than July 31, 2011.
  2. Voting will take place from August 1 to August 5.

If I have missed something that you think should be included in the criteria,let me know in the comments.

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