What do y'all make of this?

I just read this, and am scratching my head over the following statement by former assistant recruiting coordinator Charles Cantor:

I never knowingly broke any recruiting rules at the University of Georgia . We have worked within the framework of the NCAA recruiting manual to present Georgia as a ideal place for many young men to pursue their college football aspirations. Great opportunities lie ahead in my future and I am prepared to pursue those now.

Strange...especially the "We" part.  Who is "We," exactly.  Should it have simply read "I"?

Was this guy about to be fired?  Was he doing something, or in the process of doing something that was not exactly kosher?  Why would anyone just quit without something lined up?

Cryptic email is cryptic.  Bridges burned, perhaps? 

(This is the part where I write, "I do not for a minute believe that Mark Richt is doing anything dishonest.  I don't believe anyone under Mark Richt is doing anything illicit.  But if there was someone within the structure of the program that was resorting to something that isn't within the rules, I doubt he or she would have much of a future." Because it is what I believe, FWIW...)

July.  Let's get through it.

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