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Free Form Friday Would Run Over Your Grandmother To Be In Athens Tomorrow Morning For A Football Game.

Maestro, cue the timeless music for the offseason that never seems to end . . .

It's Friday. College football season is now so close you can practically taste it. Alas, it's still not here. That's not my problem. It's not your problem. And it's no longer Butch Davis's problem, as he's got a 4 p.m. tee time with John Blake and is busy telling Gus Malzahn and Kirby Smart what a nice place Chapel Hill is in the fall (and he's not lying).

But since we have to do something for the next 5 weeks I present to you Free Form Friday, in which I write until the carpel tunnel and/or boredom sets in as a futile attempt to chase away the offseason. Enjoy.

Like the rest of you I was disappointed to hear the news that Brandon Burrows will be lost for the season as a result of "chronic shoulder instability." Not to be that guy, but I've seen that diagnosis become a career ender for several football players. You simply can't play the game if your shoulder keeps popping out of joint. It's crummy news for the defense (which really only has two players, Christian Robinson and Mike Gilliard, who have taken significant snaps at inside linebacker) and for Burrows, who looked like a contributor at the position.

And while it's tempting to view this as just the latest evidence of the Almighty's plan to smite our football team in the smitiest way conceivable, the unfortunate truth is that this is happening all over the country right now. While we have depth concerns all over the depth chart a lot of other teams will as well. I also believe that Bulldog fans will be pleasantly surprised by the contribution of incoming freshman Amarlo Herrera at inside linebacker. He's a bigger guy who's capable of meeting backs in the hole and driving them back. I also think that whoever plays the inside linebacker spots this season will benefit immensely if John Jenkins and Kwame Geathers can get a good push in front of them.

Speaking of recruits we need contributions from, I was as excited as anyone about the recent commitment of Bolles School offensive tackle John Theus. However many have overlooked the subsequent commitment of Bradwell Institute lineman Chester Brown. I've got a full length TMI post on the 2012 prospect coming up soon, but by way of a preview allow me to say this: Chester Brown is going to become a fan favorite in Athens. Book it.

And speaking of favorite things, after a lengthy hiatus I'm glad to get back to our ongoing list of the movies every guy (or gal) should see. You can find prior installments and vigorous debate on the topic here, here and here. I'd add to those selections these classics:

  • Patton. I had a roommate in college who watched George C. Scott's portrayal of the famed general constantly, and I absorbed it by osmosis. The opening scene is of course iconic, but I would urge you to go see it on the big screen if you ever have the chance. It's just . . .better.
  • Bull Durham. My favorite sports movie of all time, at least partially because I have trouble viewing Caddyshack as a sports movie. Also because Crash was right about both the novels of Susan Sontag and astroturf. The older I get the more I understand where Crash was coming from. That simultaneously frightens and reassures me.
  • Ferris Bueller's Day Off. NCT suggested this one in the comments to the first installment of this series, and he is absolutely right. Like so many great movies it's about more than meets the eye. What could be more frivolous than a trio of teenagers skipping school to drive around the city and go to a baseball game? Nothing I can imagine. Yet in Ferris and Cameron we see a yin/yang, push/pull between the free spirit and the responsible citizen, the eternal optimist and the constant pessimist, the jovial extrovert and the dour introvert. Ferris and Cameron are not two different people. They are two sides of the same person, locked in constant friendly combat. While driving an awesome car and hanging out with Mia Sara.

As usual, pick all the nits you want with these selections in the comments, and have a great (albeit football free) weekend. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!