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Harris English Becomes Third Amateur Golfer to Win a Nationwide Tour Event

Because we have been focused on football since my return from vacation, I have been ignoring the Georgia Bulldogs’ non-revenue sports, for which I apologize. Of course, some such sports needed ignoring; after all, did you really want me to tell you that John Isner lost to Mardy Fish in the finals of the Atlanta Tennis Championships again?

However, as Dawglicious dutifully noted, there is some good news to report, as Harris English won the Children’s Hospital Invitational by shooting 14 under par. English, who recently graduated from the University of Georgia after an All-American Bulldog career, joins fellow Red and Black linkster Russell Henley as one of only three amateurs to have won a Nationwide Tour tournament.

Though Georgia came up short in its bid for an NCAA championship, individual Bulldog golfers have fared well in 2011. In addition to English’s win this weekend and Henley’s victory in the Stadion Classic, Bryden Macpherson emerged triumphant from this year’s British Amateur, as well.

Go ‘Dawgs!