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If Nick Marshall Is Any Indication, the "Dream Team" Is Ready to Play for the Georgia Bulldogs

We are in the longest part of the offseason, in which the memes take hold as they unfold and the future commitments roll in but precious little of confirmed current relevance occurs, and all of it that does is bad.

Fortunately, I got a call today that provided some insight into where matters currently stand with Georgia Bulldogs who are on campus now. Nick Marshall, a star of the "Dream Team" recruiting class who sometimes is forgotten because of his early commitment and such subsequent signees as Isaiah Crowell and John Jenkins, arrived in Athens in good shape but recently returned home for a visit to South Georgia looking "chiseled," which attests to the effectiveness of the upgrades to the strength and conditioning program.

Of course, performance in the weight room does not always translate to production on the gridiron, so it should be noted, as well, that Marshall reportedly picked off Aaron Murray thrice in a practice drill. Given what we know about Murray (thanks to Thomas Layfield’s profile in the Maple Street Press annual), that probably ought to make us feel good about Marshall rather than bad about Murray.

I would tell you to think of this as your first Manic Kyle sighting of the offseason, but I won’t, because I know that all signs of optimism are an invitation to disaster.

Go ‘Dawgs!